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Best Facial and Body Hair Removal


There are so many ways to remove hair! So, which is the best facial and body hair removal? The creme de la creme? Trying to sort through them all on your own can be confusing. That’s why we decided to include them all in one blog. We’ll cover the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision the next time you need face or body hair removed. And, just in case you still can’t make up your mind, we will share our favorite hair removal system with you!

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has come a long way over the last few years. This method uses a laser to damage your hair follicle, which inhibits future growth.


  • Hair removal is permanent as or ingrown hairs.


  • Can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • You must avoid the sun for six weeks before and after treatment.
  • Less effective and requiring more sessions on white, blonde, gray, or red hair.


Electrolysis sends an electrical current through your hair follicles. The follicles are damaged, which prevents hair from growing.


  • Electrolysis can permanently remove hair.
  • DIY kits are available.
  • No maintenance treatments are needed.
  • Electrolysis works on all hair types.
  • There’s no downtime.
  • Cons
  • Unsterile probes can cause skin or blood infections.
  • Electrolysis can cause scarring and burns.
  • Raised scars called keloids can develop on people with darker skin.
  • Electrolysis can be uncomfortable or painful.


You are probably most familiar with shaving, which uses a razor blade to cut your hair down the skin surface. The hair and follicles remain under the surface of the skin. That’s why it seems like it grows back so fast.


  • You can shave any area of the body.
  • It’s easy to learn how to shave.
  • You can do it yourself.
  • It is painless unless you cut yourself.


  • The results last for a day or two.
  • Frequent shaving irritates the skin.
  • Nicks, cuts, and razor burns are inevitable.
  • Ingrown hairs are a common side effect.


Waxing is probably the second best-known way to remove hair. Wax is applied to your skin and then quickly removed, which pulls out hair, follicles, and all.


  • Results generally last 4-6 weeks
  • Waxing is highly effective in removing short and stubborn hairs.
  • If you wax regularly (without shaving or tweezing in between), hair can grow back softer and sparser.
  • Any area of your body can be waxed.


  • You can wax yourself (if you can reach the area), but it takes practice to learn.
  • Paying a professional can add up.
  • Ripping out your hair can be painful.
  • Waxing causes redness and irritation.
  • Wax that is too hot can burn your skin.
  • Waxing can occasionally break your hair off.
  • Hair must be a half-inch in length for waxing to be effective.
  • If you use isotretinoin or antibiotics or use retinoic acid on your skin, waxing isn’t appropriate.
  • Some aestheticians double-dip their wax stick which can transfer bacteria and other germs from a previous client to you.


Another at-home option is a depilatory. Depilatories are creams, lotions, or gels that dissolve unwanted hair when applied to the skin.


  • Results last longer than shaving.
  • They are readily available at grocery stores, pharmacies, and beauty supply stores.
  • They are quick and easy to use at home.


  • Depilatories can irritate your skin.
  • The odor of these products can be offensive.


This is a long-honored tradition in some cultures that may be new to you. It works by rolling twisted cotton threads over unwanted hair, which rips the hair out.


  • Results last 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Threading removes only the unwanted hair, so it’s a good option for areas where you want to keep some hair.
  • It’s exact and much faster than plucking because it removes many hairs at once.


  • Threading pulls hair out at the root so it can be uncomfortable.
  • It is not suitable for large areas.
  • Threading is an art that takes a long time to perfect.
  • Going to a professional to have threading treatments can add up.
  • An inexperienced threader can make your eyebrows uneven or cause ingrown hairs.
  • Threading is usually only used to remove facial hair or toe hair.


Plucking and tweezing are the same thing. You remove each individual hair with tweezers.


  • Results last 2-4 weeks.
  • You can do it at home.
  • Tweezing is perfect for a detailed or clean-up operation like shaping your eyebrows or removing stray hairs.


  • Tweezing takes forever.
  • Tweezing is painful.
  • It can break your hair instead of pulling it out, which causes thicker regrowth.
  • If the tweezers are improperly sterilized, you increase your risk of infection.
  • It is not suitable for large areas.

Prescription cream

Prescriptions creams are applied to the skin to keep new hair from growing. Eflornithine hydrochloride, the active ingredient, prevents new hair from growing.


  • Prescription creams can slow hair growth, decreasing hair in the treated areas.


  • It takes 4 to 8 weeks to work.
  • Prescription creams require a prescription from a doctor, such as a board-certified dermatologist.
  • Existing hair must be removed before you can use this product.
  • You must apply this medication twice a day for as long as to maintain results.
  • Prescriptions creams come with possible side effects.


Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that uses sugar paste or gel made from ingredients water, sugar, and lemon juice. The paste is applied to your skin and then removed in a flicking motion, which pulls your hair out from the follicle.

  • Pros
  • Results are similar to waxing- 4-6 weeks.
  • Sugaring is all-natural.
  • Sugaring gently exfoliates the skin and can eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • No application sticks or strips are required, so there is no risk of cross-contamination.
  • It’s water-soluble and easy to clean up.


  • Sugaring is time-consuming.
  • If performed improperly, sugaring can irritate the skin and cause redness and bumps.

What’s the best hair removal system?

Our favorite hair removal system is the state-of-the-art Nordlys laser by Candela. It is the most permanent facial hair removal option and the best way to get rid of or remove body hair. It can be used anywhere on the body to remove facial hair or body hair. Also, has the ability to resurface the skin, reduce wrinkles, decrease pigmentation, redness, and scars. Treatment times are much faster than older lasers and the Nordlys is gentler and more comfortable than other lasers. It is also safe for most skin and hair types and tones – including lighter hair and darker skin colors! And the results? They are permanent!

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