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IPL (Intense pulsed light) harnesses the power to heal damaged and aging skin. The wavelengths eliminate imperfections, reverse visible sun damage, and boost your skin’s natural glow.

The IPL device stimulates your body’s natural collagen production with gentle heat from the light. Our providers can selectively target skin damage at various depths while leaving the healthy tissue around it untouched.

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We can address multiple skin concerns utilizing an IPL laser Mind and Body Medical Spa in Milwaukee or Mequon, with excellent results in all age groups and little to no recovery time. Plus, the boost to your body’s natural collagen production will cause your results to improve over time.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:

Up to 1 year

What it Treats



Uneven skin tone

Fine lines

Acne scars

Sun damage


Why Try IPL Photofacial?


IPL Photofacial is a safe, non-invasive method for treating damaged skin and requires little-to-no downtime.


IPL is effective, and the results are long-lasting! Continued treatments can help reverse aging and leave your skin looking tighter, smoother, and brighter.


Any area of the body can be treated with the IPL device. Commonly treated areas include the face, neck, chest, back, arms, and legs.


What to Expect

The IPL Photofacial Process



When you come to Mind and Body Medical Spa for the IPL Photofacial in Milwaukee, your trained skincare specialist will first provide a free consultation to ensure you are an ideal candidate and discuss your desired results. After examining your skin, we’ll be able to assess how many IPL sessions you will need to meet your goals.


IPL Photofacial Treatment

We recommend that you come to your appointment without any makeup or products on your skin. Before beginning, we’ll cleanse your skin and apply a clear gel to the treatment area. You’ll be given protective eyewear for the duration of your treatment. Most patients report minimal discomfort as the provider gently glides the IPL device over the treatment area.


Next Steps

After completing your treatment, we’ll answer any questions and give you instructions on the best ways to maintain results, and assist you in scheduling any follow-up appointments you need. When you leave our Milwaukee office, you can return to daily activities; however, we ask that you stay out of the sun without protection.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your IPL Photofacial, Mind and Body Medical Spa Recommends:

Avoid These Medications

Avoid aspirin (E.g., Bayer, Excedrin) and other blood-thinning medications (E.g., Vitamin E, Fish Oil). If you are taking any of these medications under the direction of your doctor, be sure to speak with them before discontinuing them. Discontinue antibiotics at the discretion of your doctor.

No Smoking

Avoid smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to your treatments.

Avoid These Products

Make sure to stop using retinoid (Vitamin A) products for at least 2 days before and 2 days after treatment, as they cause increased skin sensitivity.


Ensure your skin is properly hydrated by drinking adequate water and using moisturizer morning and night.

Use Sunscreen

Use an SPF 30+ sunscreen daily.



Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following Your IPL Photofacial, Mind and Body Medical Spa Recommends:

No Harsh Agents

Don’t exfoliate or use harsh skincare products (I.e. glycolic acid, retinoids) on the skin for the first 7 days, as it can cause irritation. Gently cleansing is fine.

Avoid Heat and Sun

Don’t take hot showers or baths for the first 48 hours. Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen (SPF 30+) when outside.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Avoid strenuous activity or aerobics for at least 2 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see results?
How long do the results last?

The results of IPL Photofacial generally last up to 1 year after completing your initial series of treatments. Annual treatments can help maintain results longer.

What happens to my skin if I stop getting IPL Photofacial treatments?

Your skin will look good for many months after your last treatment. However, the aging process will continue, and your skin will lose its radiant tone and smooth texture over time.

How many IPL Photofacial treatments will I need?

This depends on your skin’s condition and how much correction is required. Our skincare specialists at Mind and Body Medical Spa will develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

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