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Revitalize Your Skin with Frax Pro Laser Resurfacing

Unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin with Frax Pro Laser, your pathway to a smoother complexion and a glowing visage. Designed to address a myriad of skin concerns, including sun damage, textural irregularities, dark spots, uneven tone, fine lines, acne or other scarring, Frax Pro Laser is your partner in achieving skin perfection.

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Experience the power of Frax Pro Laser, a cutting-edge technology that rejuvenates your skin with precision and minimal discomfort. Through controlled bursts of energy, it stimulates collagen production, gradually resurfacing your skin for a refreshed and renewed appearance.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:

Up to 1 year

What it Treats

Acne Scars

Surgical Scars

Stretch Marks

Fine lines


Uneven Tone & Texture

Why Try Frax Pro Laser Resurfacing?

Unlock your skin’s true radiance with Frax Pro Laser. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with personalized treatment plans and expert care, delivers unparalleled results. Bid farewell to unwanted texture, discoloration, and fine lines, and embrace a smoother, more youthful complexion. Schedule your consultation today and embark on a transformative journey towards revitalized, glowing skin.

Optimal Results

Say goodbye to unwanted texture, dark spots, uneven tone, and fine lines as Frax Pro Laser unveils your skin’s true potential. With a recommended course of 3 treatments, you’ll witness gradual improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance. Plus, with preprogrammed settings tailored to different skin types, your complexion is in expert hands.

The Frax Pro Difference:

  • Treatment times range from 15-45 minutes, with most patients receiving 3 sessions
  • Smooths rough texture and depressed acne scars
  • Fades sun damage, age spots, and uneven pigmentation
  • Improves overall skin tone and radiance
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How It Works

  • Delivers precise micro-beams of energy into deeper skin layers
  • Boosts natural collagen production for lasting skin renewal
  • Gentle rolling motion during brief treatment sessions
  • Surface of skin remains intact for quick recovery
  • Customized energy delivery tailored to your needs

What to Expect

The Frax Pro Laser Resurfacing Process



During your personalized consultation, your provider will tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs and skin type. With efficient treatment sessions ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, you can expect customized and effective results.


A Comfortable Experience

  • Personalized consultation to discuss your goals
  • Treatment tailored to your skin type and concerns
  • SoftCool technology and numbing cream to minimize discomfort
  • Light sunburn sensation may occur but quickly resolves


Next Steps

After completing your treatment, we’ll answer any questions and give you instructions on the best ways to maintain results, and assist you in scheduling any follow-up appointments you need. When you leave our Milwaukee office, you can return to daily activities; however, we ask that you stay out of the sun without protection.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your Frax Pro Laser Resurfacing treatment, Mind and Body Medical Spa Recommends:

Avoid These Medications

Avoid aspirin (E.g., Bayer, Excedrin) and other blood-thinning medications (E.g., Vitamin E, Fish Oil). If you are taking any of these medications under the direction of your doctor, be sure to speak with them before discontinuing them. Discontinue antibiotics at the discretion of your doctor.

Avoid Tanning

It is important to avoid tanning salons and self-tanning products before and during the treatment period. You will get maximum results if you use a normal moisturizing cream before and after treatment.

Avoid These Products

Make sure to stop using retinoid (Vitamin A) products for at least 2 days before and 2 days after treatment, as they cause increased skin sensitivity.


Ensure your skin is properly hydrated by drinking adequate water and using moisturizer morning and night.

Use Sunscreen

Use an SPF 30+ sunscreen daily.



Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following Your Frax Pro Laser Resurfacing treatment, Mind and Body Medical Spa Recommends:

No Harsh Agents

Don’t exfoliate or use harsh skincare products (I.e. glycolic acid, retinoids) on the skin for the first 7 days, as it can cause irritation. Gently cleansing is fine.

Avoid Heat and Sun

Don’t take hot showers or baths for the first 48 hours. Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen (SPF 30+) when outside.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Avoid strenuous activity or aerobics for at least 2 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Frax Pro system improve aging skin?

The Frax Pro® laser rejuvenates* skin by delivering very small, controlled bursts of energy to the skin. The delivered energy stimulates the production of collagen, resurfacing the skin over time.4 The laser is gently rolled across the skin over brief treatment sessions. The surface of the skin is left intact and there is low downtime associated with healing and recovery.

How many Frax Pro treatments will I need?

Typically, you will be offered a course of 3 treatments, but this will vary according to your needs.1,3 If you have darker skin, your healthcare provider may decide to offer a longer course of gentler treatments. Preprogrammed settings for different skin types ensure a correct energy output for your complexion.

What type of aesthetic concerns can be treated with the Frax Pro system?

Via Frax Pro® skin resurfacing treatment, you can:

  • Resurface skin by smoothing textural irregularities
  • Rejuvenate* sun-damaged skin
  • Improve skin texture
What is the Frax Pro system?

The Frax Pro® system is a non-ablative, fractional laser that allows both shallow (Frax 1940™)1 and deeper (Frax 1550™)1 skin resurfacing.

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