Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots | Milwaukee, WI
Sun Damage, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Freckles, Lentigines

Mind & Body Aesthetic Center in Milwaukee, WI offers advanced Nordlys laser treatments to eliminate hyperpigmentation, including: dark spots, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, lentigines, freckles, and other discoloration due to aging, sun damage or scarring. The safe and gentle – yet very powerful – Nordlys laser has been FDA approved to treat skin imperfections since the 1990s. The Nordlys laser offers the advantage of reducing pigmentation and dark spots with minimal discomfort and very little downtime, compared to more “ablative” lasers that “burn off” the top layer of the epidermis.

Nordlys laser pigment reduction utilizes Selective Waveband Technology (SWT) to deliver well-controlled pulses of specific laser light wavelengths that target only the pigment and hemoglobin in the skin discolorations.  The light energy destroys the darker or redder skin cells containing the unwanted melanin or hemoglobin – without damaging the rest of the skin.  And, because it is able to effectively target just the pigmentation or redness, leaving the rest of the skin intact, there is very little discomfort and minimal downtime.

In addition to minimizing discolorations, the Nordlys laser also stimulates the skin’s production of elastin and collagen, repairing the skin at the cellular level. So, over time, the skin also continues to thicken and become more smooth, elastic & healthy.

Schedule a Nordlys pigmentation reduction appointment at Mind & Body Aesthetic Center in Milwaukee, WI today – and get clearer, more beautiful and  youthful skin!