PRP Sexual Health Treatment | Milwaukee

Mind & Body Aesthetic Center in Milwaukee, WI now offers revolutionary, 100% natural PRP treatments for men and women – to increase sexual sensation and comfort, and improve sexual performance.

A satisfying sex life is an important part of enjoying life to the fullest. But millions of men and women suffer in silence with intimacy issues that compromise their ability to enjoy sex. The good news is that PRP – the same technology that has been used in joint regeneration medicine for decades – is now available at Mind & Body Aesthetic Center in Milwaukee to treat most sexual problems.

For women, childlbirth, aging, and the hormone changes of menopause can cause many sexual concerns, including: vaginal dryness & itching; a loose or lax vagina; decrease in sex drive; pain during intercourse; and reduced arousal or sensitivity. And, as men age, a decreased sex drive and the loss of ability to achieve and sustain an erection are very common.

But innovative PRP treatments can harnesses the body’s own natural healing processes to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue & clitoris in women, and to revitalize the penis in men.  Even better, state-of-the-art PRP sexual wellness treatments are non-surgical, require no incisions, have no known side-effects, and there is no downtime or recovery period.

If you are a woman or man in the Milwaukee area who would like to improve, enhance or restore the pleasure of sexual intimacy, schedule a confidential consultation at Mind & Body Aesthetic Center in Milwaukee, WI. Our doctors will help you decide if life-changing PRP treatments can breathe new life and excitement into your sex life!